Leading Expert: J

J here bringing you what was one of my first cryptids the Mapinguari. (Or Mapinguaries) The Mapinguari is reported to resemble a giant sloth of prehistoric times. The Mapinguari lives along the amazon and many other places in South America. It is often depicted as a cyclops like creature with a mouth for its stomach, this however is not correct. The Mapinguari has a stripe on its stomach that resembles a mouth to some, but it isn't and the Mapinguari has two eyes not one. This cryptid can be dangerous but if you leave it alone it will be quite docile much like it was millions of years ago, yes I believe that the Mapinguari is a surving giant sloth. There are often weird tracks, calls, and scratches on the trees where the Mapinguari is said to inhabit. There have been recorded sightings of the Mapinguari