The Wenidgo is extremely terrifying. The Wendigo is a human eating monster from Native American folklore. Some say the Wendigo is an evil demon, others claim that after tasting human flesh a hum an turns into a Wendigo as punishment, one thing that remains true through all the tales is the fact that the Wendigo is pure evil. It is said that it can mimic voices to lure its unsuspecting victims. The Wenidgo has no lips because it chewed them off. Cured to always be hungry the Wendigo eat every flesh and blood thing in its path including itself and other Wendigoes. The Wendigo also has various flesh wound that are currently inexplicable. It is said to appear to be a bipedal deer with rotting flesh and human hands. There is another description which says that it is a pale humanoid creature that crawls on the floor creepily. The Wendigo has a horrible odor and it has a terrifying scream. The Wendigo is immortal and it can not be killed. It is weak to silver and salt but these things will not kill it. Wendigoes sometimes hide under snow banks and pull people under them to devour them. They live in forests mountains and snowy areas. It has been shown in pop culture multiple times and is very well known, many just cast it aside as a myth or as a scary story. Pray you never meet one.