Van Meter Visitor

The Van Meter Visitor is one of my favorite cryptids, I know I know "J you say that on every cryptid." Well it's true I love all of the ones I make pages for... almost. This a most interesting cryptid case, so here we go. The Van Meter Visitor was first spotted in 1903 in the town of Van Meter. It came from the mine some say, some say it came from space. The "Visitor" as the townsfolk had branded it could project a beam of light through a horn on its head. Once a man saw it hopping from roof to roof, another awake to a beam of light on his face and went out to see it walking on two legs, another record says a marksman saw it flying and shot it but only smelt a fowl scent after word. The townsfolk later got together and went down to the mine and saw it with another of its kind and they drove it into the mine and sealed it off. No further reports have ever been found. They might still be down there, I want to lead an expedition down into that mine but we'd need something capable of of tranquilizing this creature. It is said to look like a pterasaur which might means pterasaurs may have survived and evolved.