Skunk Ape

By J

The Skunk Ape is a smaller cousin of the Bigfoot that resides in Florida. It is one of the more well known cousins of the Bigfoot. Sightings of the Skunk Ape date back to the early 1920s. The Skunk Ape is said to be 7 feet tall at the tallest. The Skunk Ape got its name from the fact that it smells similar to a skunk's putrid spray. The most famous picture of the Skunk Ape was taken and anonymously mailed into the Sarasota Sheriff's Department in Florida, in the year 2000. The photo then became known as Myakka Skunk Ape Photo. ( Left Photo) Many speculate that the Skunk Ape may be one or many escaped Orangutans. The ape in the Myakka photo definetly does resemble an Orangutan but the other sighting do not support this theory as Orangutans to not grow to be any where near 7 feet tall.