Leading Expert: Prof. McFadden

Written by: J

The Sasquatch has captured the imagination of millions. It is a creature of legend that has inspired movies TV programs and many other forms of media and pop culture. Is the Sasquatch just a legend though? This is the question that has baffled minds for years. For some the answer is a simple "No of course not!", others dig a little deeper. Some even dedicated their life to researching Sasquatch. To understand the situation we must first understand the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch is a creature of Native American legend. The Spokane tribe stated to David Thompson in 1811 that there was a race of hairy large humanoids that lived in the mountains that stole fish, and occasionally people. Since then there have been many sightings of Sasquatch. One such of these accounts is that of Albert Ostman, similar to the stories told by the Spokane Albert was stolen away in his sleep. These various sightings describe the Sasquatch as being, hairy, tall, unnatural, and smelly. The Sasquatch is also said to have a certain aura around it. The Gimlin film is perhaps the most famous footage of Sasquatch. Although controversial this film has become famous because it captured the imagination of millions. Unfortunately I do not believe in Sasquatch, I don't believe in most of the cryptids I write about. There are a few I do believe, I just don't buy into the supernatural.