By: J

J here bringing you one of the staff of cryptozoology studies' favorite cryptids the Goatman. The Goatman is in-charge for most of our nightmares. This hellish beast has normally been spotted on the east coast of the U.S.A, but it has been found all over the world. The Goatman is said to have the face of and walk upright, with human hands, goat legs and the horns of a goat. The Goatman is said to have glowing red eyes that stare at you from the darkness of the night. The Goatman is known to let out a blood curdling goat scream, it is not just a goat bleat though it is a scream that will find its way into your nightmares. The Goatman is known to mimic the voices of loved ones to lure you into the forest. No one knows what they do to those people, after all none have ever come back. Goatman is known to be sighted quite often in an old bridge in Denton, Texas. Goatman's given name is Steve. (Don't ask) If you a voice of someone you know coming from the woods don't follow it, or it might be your voice coming from the forest next.