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Fouke Monster

The Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek is one of mystery and fame. The Fouke Monster is a cousin of Bigfoot that allegedly stands at roughly around 10 feet tall. The Fouke Monster hails from Boggy Creek Arkansas near the town of Fouke. One of the most famous encounters with the Fouke Monster was experienced by Bobby Ford and his wife Elizabeth. According to Elizabeth the Fouke Monster reached into her house through the screen window while she was sleeping on the couch. It was then shortly then chased away by Bobby and his brother who were returning from a hunting trip. According to Bobby the very next day he was attacked by the Fouke monster and had to be taken to the hospital. The Fouke Monster is strangely reported to have only three toes. The Fouke Monster relatively well known, currently there is one full documentary and a few books about the Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek. There is even an annual festival held in its honor.