El Chupacabra

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I live in North America so I may have seen one of these but that's a story for another time. The North american Chupacabra is an almost hairless grey canine. The North American Chupacabras often lives in desert or forest. The North American Chupacabra eats goat blood and goat flesh. The North American Chupacabra is been most sighted in Texas The North american Chupacabras have been caught and killed multiple times and there are real pictures of them out on the web. If you live in North America watch out for this dangerous creature and keep your pets and livestock safe.

Chupacabra Sighting

Some people say that Chupacabras are just mangy coyotes. I highly disagree if they were they would be to weak to take down goats and other livestock. Chupacabras can also run really fast. Thus they are not mangy dogs or coyotes. If you disagree E-mail us at cryptozoologystuies@gmail.com .

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As you can see the North american Chupacabra is more canine like where as the South american is more Alien/Lizard like. I believe in the North american not just because I'm from North america but because it seems more likely to exist than an Alien/Lizard thing. Both suck goat blood and eat goats. Some people believe the North american Chupacabra is/are just mangy coyotes I disagree.