The Batsquatch is a giant bat that inhabits Mt.Saint Helens in Washington. The Batsquatch has red glowing eyes. Many hogs and chickens have gone missing in the area where the Batsquatch has been sighted. Scientists believe that the Batsquatch is just a big fruit bat. I don't think that is the case. People say that the sightings of the Batsquatch are very similar to Chupacabra and New Jersey Devil. I disagree the Chupacabra is a canine or reptile not a winged creature like the Batsquatch. The New Jersey Devil is the mixture or a horse a bat and a goat, the key difference is that the New Jersey Devil has hooves and a horse head. The first sighting was 1944 by a mountaineer by the name of Butch Whittaker. Butch saw it fly over his head and even snapped a few pictures or so he claims.