The Beast of Dean

By: J

J here bringing you one of my favourite cryptids, the Beast of Dean. The Beast of Dean is a large boar like creature that inhabits the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England. The Beast of Dean is often also called the "Moose pig" or "Moose boar". In 1802 a village was being harassed by the Beast of Dean. The villagers said it was big enough to knock over trees. At this time boars were extinct in England. The villagers went into the forest and found nothing. The Beast of Dean is depicted as having a mane of sorts around its neck. The beast of dean has multiple tusks. I am really into paleontology, thus I have my own theory for the Beast of Dean. I think the Beast of Dean is an Enteledont or hell pig. The Entelodont was a prehistoric boar that had very long and sharp tusks and they were very territorial. They even match the size of the Beast of Dean. The only problem is the Entelodont lived in Mongolia.

I am very proud of this video. It is my favourite that we have uploaded.