Crikey! It's the Yowie! The Yowie is one of our favorite cryptids here at Cryptozoology Studies. (Mostly because of Yowie Power) The Yowie is an Australian cousin of Bigfoot. Yowies have been known to attack livestock and even kill dogs. They smell awful like most cryptids do. The Yowie does enjoy its place in the spotlight. It is a very famous cryptid comparable the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman, but unlike these the Yowie is famous worldwide. The Yowie is famous world wide due to the fact that is is sold all over the world as chocolate. Cadbury Yowies are chocolates that look like Yowies, they come with a collectible toy inside of them. The ad for these chocolates is the best ad ever made, Yowie Power and the Magic Kingdom. The ad has music and tells a story and is just wonderful. (We were not paid by Cadbury to advertise) It features six Yowie characters and the roles they play in the "Magic Kingdom". We hope you enjoy the Yowie page and the Yowie Power video as much as we do here at Cryptozoology Studies.