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The Aboriginal tribes believed the Bunyip to be a spirit that inhabits the wetland of Australia. The Bunyip is malevolent toward humans and will protect it's home at all costs. It is said that at night the Bunyip feeds upon Aboriginal women and children. Bunyips have been reported to be crocodile like have fur scales or tusks and sometimes even flippers. Strangely the Bunyip the Aboriginals reported was a man killer and a predator whereas modern Bunyip sighting are recorded to be herbivores. The Bunyip is about the size of a large dog with a shaggy coat.

The origin of the word bunyip has been traced to the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. During the early settlement of Australia by Europeans, the notion that the bunyip was an actual unknown animal that awaited discovery became common.

People believe the Bunyip to be one my favorite prehistoric creature Diprotrodon. Diprotrodon was an plant eating marsupial which could have survived and still be alive in the swamps and marshes of Australia.