Leading Expert : J

J here bringing you another of my favourite cryptids the Kappa! The Japanese often call the Kappa "River Child." or "River Boy." The Kappa is often used as a story to keep children away from water. The Kappa or the Kappas live in the rivers and ponds of Japan. The Kappa has many features to guide it in its environment such as webbed feet. Its turtle like shell and body help it stay hidden in the rivers and ponds. There is a indent on top of its head that is almost bowl like, The Kappa uses this to stay away from water for long periods of time as long as there is water in it. The Kappa is said to be a very polite cryptid and will respect you as long as you respect it. The Kappa is a prankster and can go from an innocent pulling someone into water as far as drown.