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The Ahool is a giant bat cryptid from Indonesia. Some report it to be orange others report it to be gray or black. It has giant talons used to snatch up just about anything. The Ahool was named after it's call "ahooOOOool". The Ahool strangely is reported to be the size of an infant child with a 12 foot wingspan. The last sighting was in 1927 by Dr.Bartels who had seen the Ahool before but this time it flew over his house screaming " a hoOOOol".

There are a few "scientific" theories on the Ahool. Some say the Ahool is a prehistoric bat that may have survived from before the Ice age. Some say it is what it has been reported as, a giant bat. Some people think that a Pterosaur could have survived from the Cretaceous period, this is my favourite theory but I do not think it is true. Do you believe the Ahool is a bat or a living pterosaur tell us what you think by Emailing us at cryptozoologystudies@gmail.com

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