German Adventurer Log from 1911:

"The crocodile is found only in very isolated specimens in Lake Bangweulu, except in the mouths of the large rivers at the north. In the swamp lives the nsanga, much feared by the natives, a degenerate saurian which one might well confuse with the crocodile were it not that its skin has no scales and its toes are armed with claws. I did not succeed in shooting a nsanga, but on the island of Mbawala I came by some strips of its skin."

Hey Guys, Ethan here! I am here to deliver you a new cryptid! The Mokele-Mbembe! The Mokele-Mbembe lives in the Congo River Basin. It is said to be a living dinosaur like the Muhuru. This is feared by the natives. The Mokele-Mbembe was first spotted in 1909. It is as tall as an elephant. The animal is said to be of a brownish-gray color with a smooth skin, its size is approximately that of an elephant.

Source: Wikipedia