Leading Expert : J

J here bringing you another favorite of mine the Mangarsahoc! The Mangarsahoc is a cryptid said to resemble a donkey. Its most notable feature is its large round ears and almost perfect circular hooves. This cryptid lives in the Ankaizina Mountains, Bealanana, and Manirenja Districts in the northeren central highlands and north of TĂ´lagnaro in southeastern Madagascar. (Credit: This cryptid might have even found its way to the mainland of Africa, it might even be able to swim. A fun fact that I found is that this would be the only native (if native) hoofed animal in Madagascar. Some say it might be a/several surviving pygmy hippopotamus. My theory is this is just a native hoofed animal of Madagascar. I actually think this cryptid would be very friendly and I would actually like to meet it.