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J here with another cryptid for the final installment of the biggest update yeti marking a new year of cryptozoology studies. The Dingonek or jungle walrus. The Dingonek is a cryptid found in western Africa. It was discovered in the 1900s along with a lot of other African cryptids as people started exploring Africa. The Dingonek is described as a walrus with hind legs. It is said to live in the jungle and have large tusks. Some accounts say it is a walrus and has fur while others describe a more feline creature with scales. A possible explanation could be a surviving Odobenocetops. It is unknown if this creature is a carnivore or an herbivore. The first account of this creature was by a big game hunter named John Alfred Jordan. He reported the Dingonek to be the size of a hippo and to resemble a jaguar with scales. He shot the creauture and then it charged at him. He claims he barley escaped with his life.